Jun 282017

My teaching is deepening, as I incorporate (make in my corpus) all my recent studies to perceive/receive a student’s embodiment. It’s like learning to distinguish more of the “voices” of instruments in an orchestra: it gives me a richer appreciation of how they interact, complement (or argue with) and rely upon each other.

As I’ve been learning more about the body’s organs, glands, fluids, embryological and anthropological development, I can call upon their various intelligences. Whereas I used to work from the musculoskeletal system, moving limbs around and “setting things straight”, my work now is more like entering a room of foreign diplomats and humbly greeting each one.  “Hello liver, well-met heart. How are things in your country? What’s going well? How are relations with your neighbors? Where do you need support?” When I pay homage to the power and beauty inherent in all the elements of the human being’s design, I gain allies of incomparable merit. Together we co-create new possibilities for ease, connection, enjoyment.

I just finished a 7-day training in patterns of movement, beginning with simple vibration all the way to upright walking. It’s given me a new range of conception and action, empowering me to “get back to basics” so that imbalances have a chance to self-correct.

The biggest imbalance is our separation from the Earth: we are constantly affected by it, we walk all over it as we argue with its gravitational field — and there is so much to be gained by surrendering to its support. Earth never leaves us, and is the foundation for our ability to reach, run, fly. Reviving awareness of its unwavering immensity is key to receiving the support we need for every action. You can’t leave this home; it is always there for you. And that’s a very good thing.

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