Dec 262017

On the days when I don’t wake up feeling freshly sprung, vital and limber, ready to meet the world with both barrels blazing—but instead feel a bit achy, slow, stiff, or pressured, these are the mornings when Alexander Technique helps me most. Fatigue and pain are ideal reminders that I ought to use those handy tools and practices that help me find more ease. Because in these moments of discomfort I can’t press on, I have to give myself time to pause, receive support from the floor, be conscientious in the way I put the clean dishes away. And man, it feels so much better! Really, the overriding question is, why don’t I treat myself this gently more often, before it hurts ?! The improvement in my physical and mental experience is immediate. It recognize that I am demonstrating to me that I am worthy of being taken care of, and that I have within me all that I need to lighten my load, unburden my shoulders, unstiffen my back, ungrip my legs. I can rest my gaze on any surface and feel the relief of actually drinking it in: I see the texture of the food, the color of the coffee, the curve of the cup. I remember how much I love my kitchen when I give myself time to see it afresh. All these choices feed my heart. They fill me up, they soften me—and the world softens in turn.

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