Dec 302017

I didn’t wait for January 1; I decided to use the week preceding to ramp up to my 2018 resolutions. I figured, if I work out the kinks in advance, I’ll be ready with a program that I can keep up! So I’ve been setting an alarm for much earlier than I *want* to wake, to do some gentle movement and meditation followed by writing. My motivation is to take consistent small actions that I don’t “feel like” doing, as a way to build resolve, stare down demons, and generate some flow.

I’ve been inspired by a mix of podcasts and books. Two interviews by Marie Forleo of Tim Ferriss and Todd Herman, both giants in the realm of inspiring and creating positive change, caused me to “script setbacks”—to anticipate my resistance and identify an evacuation route for when the whining “idohnwanna” strikes; and to look squarely at my (imagined) worst case scenarios so that I can take meaningful action to prevent or remedy whatever I fear might go wrong. The book Small Teaching has given me permission to focus on solidifying simple but fundamental practices, like keeping to a daily routine and writing small bits consistently. Finally, I’m rewriting limiting beliefs through the exercises in Jen Sincero’s You Are a Badass at Making Money.

These authors and the actions they’ve inspired in me all speak to the necessity of courage, because making Conscious Choices requires choosing to be uncomfortable. We innately conflate the feeling of familiar with “normal”, so whenever we attempt to initiate a new habit, our “feeling” will tell us that it’s “wrong.” The answer, the foundation of courage, is to not rely on feeling, to not reference the standard of the past when determining the actions of today or the possibilities of tomorrow… to refrain from looking in yesterday’s garbage for today’s dinner. The answer is to script a response to the feeling of reluctance and resistance: “Yes this feels wrong, I was expecting it to feel wrong. Thank you Feeling, you’re completely right that this isn’t what I’m used to, so thank you for proving my point that this step is different. Lucky you, you’re off the clock today—today’s response is governed by Commitment, not by Feeling. I said I’m gonna do this, especially because I don’t feel like it, and so here I go. One small step at a time.”

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