Feb 242018

I want to be lazy — it’s Saturday! But there are dishes in the sink…. and in a flash I realize that to be lazy now creates more work for me, later, in every subsequent moment that I look at the dishes, recognize that I still haven’t washed them, I can’t get

started on the next cooking project, I’ll have to get to it eventually anyway, ugh… all of which leaves me feeling sh***y about myself. No, I don’t want that! Instead I wash up, I feel inspired, and now my kitchen is clean and ready. Yay!

We are wired for energy conservation, that’s a function of survival. True wisdom is recognizing what work is worth doing now, to save energy later. Being lazy seems like less work, but only on the front end.

This conclusion just as true in postural awareness. Last night I went out to watch a 2-hour performance, and it took real work to manage upright poise in a chair that didn’t fit me. But that work was worth it, because I don’t hurt today!

How frequently do we opt for collapse, thinking it’s easier than staying upright? What do we pay for that, down the line?

Thankfully, we can learn the right kind of work to do, and see the payoffs — sooner than later! Paying attention to how you organize yourself as you’re moving, sitting or standing, frees up the energy it costs when you hunch, slump, or stiffen. That investment in awareness pays it forward your whole life.

Six lessons can make all the difference: The British Medical Journal reported an almost 50% reduction in number of days with back pain — a full year after intervention!  The results last because Alexander Technique doesn’t just soothe your aching muscles in the crisis, it actually teaches you how to take care of yourself. That’s work worth doing!

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