Real-Life Resume


What I Believe

That all is well, truly it is
That apparent obstacles are opportunities orchestrated by me, reminding me that I’m more than who/what I’ve believed
We never get it wrong, because we never get it done

Greatest Accomplishments

Traveling solo for three months in France
Welcoming in the love of my life, cultivating a fun and fulfilling marriage
Making history as a standard-setting Host at the John C. Campbell Folk School
Initiating a peaceful and respectful divorce from my first husband
Cultivating genuine loving relationships with my dad and stepdad; being present and at peace for my dad’s passing
Learning to dance (tango) in 3-inch stilettos


Kitchen concoctions, including recipe creation for premium craft nut butters, no-knead bread, chocolate soup, preserves, pickles
Bringing people together: inviting fun connections over dinner parties, game night, dance parties, outings
Hand-writing heartfelt letters and thank you notes
Packing “real” food for travel: hikes/airplanes/road trips
Skillful at manifestation: my ideal guitar, a free car, making money on receiving a car, the perfect house for me and my new husband
Finding things that are “lost” — and not losing things to begin with
I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue


Quick labor and natural birth, 7 minutes after mom arrived at the hospital
Ran wild in the suburban neighborhood and talked to everybody (including trees and rocks) until learning to read — then became a total bookworm, reading Little Women seven times, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and everything I could get my hands on (100 books in one summer, winning the library contest by a long shot 🙂
Spent summers in the Pocono Mountains working on enormous puzzles, completing cryptograms, sailing, swimming, biking, hanging out at the stables, loving the woods

Outstanding Characteristics/Qualities

Determined optimism: always finding a way to the bright side
Creativity and playfulness, especially when things are boring or intense
Excellent writer (to the point) and keen editor


Studied piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, French horn, guitar; studied voice and sang in multiple choirs from youth through adulthood
Fell in love with pottery after college and spent a decade as a craft artist, receiving an artist residency, completing a 2-year Professional Crafts training, and teaching professionally in addition to making and selling porcelain dinnerware
Twice reworked my script handwriting
Currently teaching myself Spanish, aiming to be fluent in 1 year

Studies: Somatics, Inter/Personal Development

Only started dancing at age 28: modern, swing, blues, tango
Completed 1600 hours initial training in Alexander Technique, followed by countless hours of independent study, including training in developmental movement, Ortho-Bionomy, Body-Mind Centering, Natural Walking
18 months study in natural vision improvement (it works!)
3 years active involvement with Landmark Education completing foundational curriculum, Communication Program coursework, and coaching the Self-Expression and Leadership Program
Student of PAX International programs on creating wildly successful and sustainable partnerships between men and women
Fluent in non-violent communication, the five love languages, the art of allowing (15 years studying Abraham-Hicks)


Tend to overdo humility, practicing self-doubt to avoid the embarrassment of unwarranted pride/aggrandizement
Easily irritated at reading “it’s” when it should be “its”, or “John and I” when it should read “John and me”

Risks History

Moved to Asheville with $800 and my belongings in a pickup truck
Participated in 12 ayahuasca ceremonies over the course of 9 months, including one solo journey
Solo hiking and camping, in NC and New Zealand
Fell madly in love and married my husband after knowing him only 8 months

Ways I Lighten Up

Taking walks, in the woods or along suburban streets, alone or with friends
Listening to Abraham-Hicks
Chilling in my hammock, admiring the sky
Appreciating classy tv (like The Crown, The Time In-Between, and stand-up comedy) with my husband
Swimming in lakes, especially naked
Writing and coloring
Getting creative in the kitchen

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