The Real Me


What I Believe

  • That all is well, truly it is
  • That apparent obstacles are opportunities orchestrated by me, reminding me that I’m more than who/what I’ve believed
  • We never get it wrong, because we never get it done

Greatest Accomplishments

  • Traveling solo for three months in France
  • Welcoming in the love of my life, cultivating a fun and fulfilling marriage
  • Making history as a standard-setting Host at the John C. Campbell Folk School
  • Initiating a peaceful and respectful divorce from my first husband
  • Cultivating genuine loving relationships with my dad and stepdad; being present and at peace for my dad’s passing
  • Learning to dance Argentine tango in 3-inch stilettos


  • Kitchen concoctions, including recipe creation for premium craft nut butters, no-knead bread, chocolate soup, preserves, pickles
  • Bringing people together: inviting fun connections over dinner parties, game night, dance parties, outings
  • Hand-writing heartfelt letters and thank you notes
  • Packing “real” food for travel: hikes/airplanes/road trips
  • Skillful at manifestation: my ideal guitar, a free car, making money on receiving a car, the perfect house for me and my new husband
  • Finding things that are “lost” — and not losing things to begin with
  • I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue


  • Quick labor and natural birth, 7 minutes after mom arrived at the hospital
  • Ran wild in the suburban neighborhood and talked to everybody (including trees and rocks) until learning to read — then became a
  • Total bookworm, reading Little Women seven times, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and everything I could get my hands on (100 books in one summer, winning the library contest by a long shot 🙂
  • Spent summers in the Pocono Mountains working on enormous puzzles, completing cryptograms, sailing, swimming, biking, cleaning out the horse stables in exchange for trail rides, loving the woods

Outstanding Qualities

  • Determined optimism: always finding a way to the bright side
  • Creativity and playfulness, especially when things are boring or intense
  • Excellent writer (to the point) and keen editor


  • Studied piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, French horn, guitar; studied voice and sang in multiple choirs from youth through adulthood
  • Fell in love with pottery after college and spent a decade as a craft artist, received an artist residency at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts, completed a 2-year Professional Crafts training, and taught professionally in addition to making and selling porcelain dinnerware
  • Twice reworked my script handwriting
  • Currently teaching myself Spanish; estoy enamorada de este idioma!

Studies: Somatics, Inter/Personal Development

  • Only started dancing at age 28: modern, Lindy Hop, blues/fusion, Argentine tango
  • Completed 1600 hours initial training in Alexander Technique, followed by countless hours of independent study, including training in developmental movement, Ortho-Bionomy, Body-Mind Centering, Natural Walking
  • 18 months study in natural vision improvement (it works!)
  • 3 years active involvement with Landmark Education completing foundational curriculum, Communication Program coursework, and coaching the Self-Expression and Leadership Program
  • Student of PAX International programs on creating wildly successful and sustainable partnerships between men and women
  • Fluent in non-violent communication, the five love languages, the art of allowing (15 years studying Abraham-Hicks)


  • Easily irritated at reading “it’s” when it should be “its”, “John and I” when it should read “John and me”, “less” when it should read “fewer”
  • I love sugar, and I’m pretty sure it likes me back
  • Spent four teenage years in the Civil Air Patrol, achieved rank of officer, competed in color guard, survived a week of basic training

Risks History

  • Moved to Asheville with $800 and my belongings in a borrowed pickup truck
  • Participated in 12 ayahuasca ceremonies over the course of 9 months, including one solo journey
  • Ventured on solo hikes and camping in North Carolina, Tennessee, New Zealand
  • Fell madly in love and married my husband after knowing him only 8 months

Ways I Reset and Lighten Up

  • Taking walks, in the woods or along suburban streets, alone or with friends
  • Listening to Abraham-Hicks
  • Chilling in my hammock, admiring the sky
  • Appreciating classy tv (like The Crown, The Time In-Between, and stand-up comedy) with my husband
  • Swimming in lakes, especially without a suit
  • Writing and coloring
  • Getting creative in the kitchen
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