image“Michèle Drivon has a unique and powerful gift for teaching people about how their bodies work and how they can work even better. Her insight, conscious and integrous touch and her ability to communicate exactly what I needed to hear are brilliant. She knows the body in a way that is rare…. I always experience her as completely present, and that her goal is for me to be fully embodied in ways I never knew I could be. I feel taller, stronger and more confident after each session. I can’t recommend her enough if you want to experience the wonders of Alexander Technique with someone who is truly meant to be teaching it.” – Erin Ross, Get That You Matter founder and life coach

Nathan Oxenfeld
“I went into my Alexander Technique lessons with Michèle without knowing exactly what to expect. The changes I have noticed in my body in a short period of time are profound. My level of bodily awareness has brought on more comfort and ease in my daily activities, especially during my workday. Michèle not only has a fine tuned intuition of what I need, but also remains open and receptive in a calm and inviting manner. Her presence is relaxing and supporting. I am amazed to experience how subtle shifts in the way I carry myself can decrease my stress levels and increase my energy levels. Using the Alexander Technique, Michèle has helped me find more space in my body and distribute my weight more efficiently. My body is much happier!” – Nathan Oxenfeld, Integral Eyesight Improvement founder 

Daniel Barber Asheville Alexander Technique

“My work with Michèle has been surprisingly transformative, especially given the ease and the relative simplicity of her presentation of content. I now have new images in my awareness of how my body is structured and how it works that translate into a greater ease in my bearing and my movements. I feel I have a more friendly and functional relationship with gravity! No small thing this! Thank you, Michèle, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom so effectively, gracefully and enjoyably!” – Daniel Barber, musician and founder of SoundYourself


“Michèle provides a nurturing and safe space for releasing old dysfunctional body patterns, such as those from injuries and emotional holdings. I’ve learned more natural movements, as well as how to care for my body in whatever I’m doing–lifting, bending, standing and sitting. I appreciate that I’ve been able to meditate better by learning how to sit with more ease.” – James Biddle, M.D., Asheville Integrative Medicine

Sajit Green Alexander Technique Asheville

“Amazingly easy to quickly experience greater ease in movement, as well while sitting and standing. Michèle has a magic touch! The love, compassion, subtle awareness, and light in her touch catalyzed my own awareness as well and created profound changes in my body’s relationship with gravity, in just a few sessions! I’ve experienced a lot of different types of body work, movement education, and healing modalities, over the years, but Alexander created lasting improvement, more quickly, than anything else.” Sajit Greene, Expressive Arts Facilitator and Empowerment Coach


“The Alexander Technique is an amazing gift in my life! Although I went into it to work on thoracic outlet syndrome, and it did heal that, the Alexander Technique addressed low back pain issues that I’d had for decades. I experienced my first extended period of time with significantly reduced lower back pain beginning with my very first treatment. Whereas good posture used to always make me tired and achy; now, sitting and standing with good posture is the most relaxing way to be and does not sap me of energy. The Alexander Technique is also a contribution to my spiritual life. I have discovered, on my ever learning curve to cease judging myself, that the Technique helps me to be curious about life and my place in it. This frustrated perfectionist is sort of naturally relaxing around the edges and down into the core of her being. I am so very grateful I was led to the Technique and to Michèle Drivon in particular. She is a welcoming, gifted, and inspiring partner on this path to wellness!” – Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, M. Div., co-founder Creating Ideal Relationships

image“Thank you so much Michèle, I have been integrating what you taught me into my daily life as much as possible and it is really making a difference. Especially the head being craned forward making me feel anxious and not present, as soon as I draw my head back a little bit everything changes, if I am out for a walk with my dog, my pace instantly slows down and everything around me, my whole body relaxes. It is amazing!!  It’s like a time warp where I am somewhere else if my head is forward and I get drawn back into the now automatically when I re-align.  It is very exciting, [my husband] has been practicing it too. I have also been more aware of my back body and letting it be full with presence and breath. I have also been practicing standing and sitting but it is really hard to not strain my neck at all. Working on it though 🙂  Thank you so very much!! I feel lightened up so much by these techniques and curious about delving more into it.”  – Maeve Hendrix, yoga teacher


Feedback from students in my twice-yearly course at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, UNC-Asheville

Evaluations by attendees of my Spring 2015 course at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

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