Alexander Technique Research
The Embodied Mind Project: An international, interdisciplinary investigation by cognitive scientists into mind-body education
Improvements made to schoolchildren’s posture through education and spine support
British Medical Journal (video) AT is more effective than massage for back pain
Alexander Technique shows promising results for knee osteoarthritis
American Academy of Pediatrics Surgeon proficiency improved through AT lessons 
International Journal of Clinical Practice
recommends lessons in AT for back pain and symptom management of Parkinson’s
Rochester, NY Mayo Clinic offers AT to patients, employees and clinicians

Alexander Technique and Balance in the Elderly 

Related Research
Brain and Cognition Qualities of movement characteristic of AT associated with positive emotions

Online Resources Descriptions, links, articles, podcasts on AT for pain, athletics, musicianship, posture, and more American Society for the Alexander Technique Alexander Teachers of the Mountain Region (ATMR; Western NC) Bodymapping videos
Video What is the Alexander Technique?

Recommended Books

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