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The British Medical Journal reported an 86% reduction of days in pain (from 21 days per month down to 3), measured one year after subjects received 24 lessons in Alexander Technique. Subjects receiving 6 lessons got three-quarters the benefit.


The Primer Course of 6 hours introduces you to healthy movement patterns to relieve pain and decrease stress. The Proficiency Course of 24 hours deepens your ability to teach yourself, continually improving your baseline of poise to think and move elegantly in all situations.

You are free to take any number of individual lessons, in any combination of hours or half-hours. Discounts are available for pre-payment of a course.

If you are serious about recovering natural poise, being free from pain, and changing the way you react to stress, I recommend The Proficiency Course: Four weeks of 2-5 lessons (any combination of hours or half-hours), followed by weekly lessons for 4-6 months. 

For an investment of $2150, you receive 24 hours worth of lessons that will change how you stand, sit, move, think, and feel in every area of your life. The Proficiency Course includes the option of three home or office visits, up to twenty miles from Asheville.

For $560 — 6 hours of lessons once or twice a week with The Primer Course — you will see significant changes in how you approach movement and thinking.

Try it and see: You may take 3 weeks from your first lesson to decide if you’d like to credit payments for single lessons or The Primer into The Proficiency Course. Want to share?  Couples may schedule a “mini-class” or share individual lessons for the same rates; taking lessons together greatly enhances your recall, observation skills, and motivation.

Rates and Policies

Single Lesson Rates:  60-minute lessons are $100; 30-minute lessons are $50.  

Payment: I accept payment by cash, check, PayPal, or credit card (3% processing fee).

Referrals: For every new student you refer to me, you get a free lesson of equal duration (even if it’s your first). Gift certificates:  Gift certificates are available at the same prices as lessons.

Financial need:  If you want lessons but think you can’t afford them, let’s talk about creative solutions.

Consultations:  Please talk to me before starting a course of lessons or any time you have trouble in the lessons themselves. I am here to support you.

Cancellation:  Please call or text me at (828) 712-2804 if you need to cancel, since I may not check my e-mail in time. You will not be charged if you let me know 24 hours in advance or cancel due to sudden emergency. Otherwise, you pay the normal charges. If I need to cancel on short notice I owe you a free lesson.

Being on time:  If you are 15 minutes late I will call you; after that you lose your appointment (for which you are obliged to pay). If you must leave by an exact time, please tell me since I allow extra time to transition at the end of a lesson.

Dress:  Please wear clothing that permits a range of movement. Avoid wearing belts, tight pants or jeans, and tight collars or hoodies. Skirts and dresses do not work well for table work. You are welcome to bring looser clothing to change into.

Ethics:  I appreciate how much courage and trust this work requires. It is my intention to always treat my students with respect and confidentiality. If anything I do or say gives you concern, I may not know unless you tell me. Please keep me informed.

Presentation Rates: A customized group lesson for the needs of your organization (e.g. actors, musicians, administrative staff, interpreters for the deaf, doulas, sales  professionals, parents, yogis…). Discounts available for private lessons or small group sessions for participants. $500 half-day, $950 entire day

In the Workplace
I offer workplace presentations to businesses that wish to support employee well-being for greater productivity and morale. I always customize these talks to the needs and interests of a given company, but the general outline follows:

Anatomy for the Workplace (1-3 hours)
Understanding your physical structure with accuracy means you can forego gadgets, fidgeting, and muscle strain to find real support. Transfer this knowledge everywhere in your life: driving, walking, working out.

Constructive Rest (30 minutes per 6 attendees, requires floor space and yoga mats)
Periodic breaks improve productivity by relieving mental and physical tension. Beyond stretching, re-set your body and mind with a portable, effective practice that leaves you clear of mind, breathing deeply, and taller too.

Personalized Assessment
Address the questions and needs of individuals at workstations, in the car, on the phone, public speaking, managing stress. Assess presentation and work patterns that prevent all aspects of peak performance. Structure and implement a re-training program to improve poise, coordination, confidence, receptivity, endurance, decision-making skills.

These three segments can be offered within a single half-day, or spread over the course of a week or even a month, with private coaching available the day of an event or subsequent and repeating. Repeat presentations deepen employee understanding and application for long-lasting improvement.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in supporting your employees with Alexander Technique’s documented, practical solutions for pain and stress. The Links tab above lists scientific research on the benefits of Alexander Technique, as documented by the British Medical Journal, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the French École Polytechnique, and more.

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