Sep 132016

Sometimes wonderful phrases come to me in the middle of the night. I’ve been musing over this one, and realize that my latest post perfectly exemplifies it! (Funny how I keep learning the same lessons, in myriad ways, over and over 😉

“Healthy movement and healthy thinking require giving something up.”

cuffsWhen we act and think as if we already know what’s happening, we’re absent from the present moment. We hurry (because we’re already in the future), we hesitate (because we’re in a future that’s a projection of the past), we don’t listen (because we’re already sure of what they’ll say — and we’re practicing our retort for as soon as they finish). In order to be healthy in mind and body, we have to give up this idea that we already know, that we’ve done this before, that we “have to” do something (that isn’t what we’d prefer to do). We believe that to get where we want to be, we have to do more, figure more out; but actually, what will get us there is giving up — the struggle, the effort, the attachment to an outcome that’s distracting us from being in, enjoying, allowing us to fully appreciate, the present moment (ha, I started typing “present movement“!).

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