Sep 132016

clothesFunny how the list of things I (believe I) need to accomplish can get longer and longer, the more I do… This morning felt impossible. Run, shower, eat breakfast, journal, wash the car, get a haircut, talk to a contractor, clean the bathroom  — and I meant to do all that BEFORE starting on the “work” I need to complete!! Well into the frenzy (but yearning for a way out), I found myself torn between wanting to keep my morning meditation and hanging the laundry, both before making a phone call. It occurred to me that I could make hanging the laundry BE my meditation. Ah! Talk about changing the quality of an activity, of myself within it! Rather than moving to grab the clothes and pin them up as quickly as possible, I found myself moving mindfully: gathering things gently, touching the clothespins tenderly, noticing the feel of the fabric in my fingers, the grass under my feet, the call of birds, the sun on my back. I followed my breath. It felt like a dream, like finding myself inside a very pleasant dream where life was being lived as it ought to be lived: quietly, with satisfaction.

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